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Operating Room Equipment Procedures Auxiliary Machine

A project incorporating plastic, servos, a real-time monitoring and measurement system, user interface, and alert and operation screen.

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The Problem

In some surgical procedures, there is a need for ample rinsing of excreted body fluids. This requires a relatively large flow of infusion fluid and frequent replacement. A nurse generally performs the replacements throughout the surgery process.

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The Need

Creating a free flow, independent of staff member intervention, to exchange the bags during surgery.

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Project Requirements

Ordering a large number of infusions for the course of surgery, splitting and switching between infusion bags without impeding fluid flow when the infusion bag empties. Compliance with operating room standards.

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Activity Modes

implementing a study on the average amount of fluids used during surgery. Checking different types of infusions.

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As part of O.R. preparation, the nurse feeds the desired number of infusions needed to perform the surgery into the machine. There is no need to intervene with infusion replacement when the bag empties. The nurse is available for other activity in the O.R., thus one less nurse is required in the O.R.

Operating Room Equipment Procedures  Auxiliary Machine
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