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Gilboa CES

Gilboa Creative Engineering Solutions (2010) provides a professional and reliable engineering service with flexible, open-minded planning.
We involving the client every step of the way, while emphasizing sticking to a schedule.
At the end of the process, all the material is at the client's disposal in live files, so there is no dependence between the companies.
We offer a full service package from concept stage to manufacturing, including the constructing production lines, implementing equipment and process validation (Process Validation, TMV, IQ/OQ/PQ), performing pFMEA risk analysis, and writing high-standard work procedures and instructions.

About the Founder

Gilboa Engineering was founded by Kobi Gilboa (Mechanical Engineer, Technion),
an expert in creative planning and developing mechanical engineering and development.
Kobi Gilboa has accumulated 11 years of research and development experience on various medical projects at Rafael Advance Defense Systems Ltd.
Development of innovative machinery and solutions in the medical field, including design services, new product development, new technologies and materials.
Agriculture development and innovation And a variety of independent or subcontracted engineering services for companies and startups in different areas.

Our clients

We would be delighted to have you among our clients...

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