Seed Production Process

A project that integrates hydraulic and electrical systems with servos in a wet environment.

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The Problem

The seed production process begins in the field with crop harvesting. In the past, this was done by a tractor towing a station with many workers feeding it. A large number of processes later were required for separating the seeds, but a substantial portion of the seeds were damaged during the separation stages.

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The Need

Planning and developing a three-stage array to remove and clean seeds from different vegetables and sizes, while shortening today's existing process.

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Project Requirements

Integrates a different number of solutions to a limited number of machines, according to the machine’s place in the production process, field, secondary cleaning line, and sifting. Semi-automatic process, reducing manpower.

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Activity Modes

Studying the existing process, from the harvesting stage in the field until transferring to the seed production line. Studying each machine and its role significance of each process activity, offering alternatives, examining critical process assemblies, for each stage, planning sending to manufacture, accompaniment and production support, composing machine manuals.

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The machines were given to customers, in the case of this project, the final client is not from Israel, including composing machine files.