Service Drawer Redesign

A project integrating plastics, electronics, working and interfacing with an existing system, flexible thought, use of off-the-shelf parts.

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The Problem

A service drawer in use as part of an operating machine would collapse after a number of times being opened by the surgeon during procedures.

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The Need

Preventing failures when opening and closing, improving drawer storage area, and a defined arrangement for each drawer element, installing a CD drive and USB reader.

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Project Requirements

Existing service drawer in machine for operating room use, the customer requires a resolution for the drawer crash problem after a number of uses during a procedure, distinct locations for the drawer’s service components, adding data storage components and retrieval by a removable component. Separating the areas in the tool drawer and data drawer, composing a BOM of all system components, interfacing with the existing product without altering the existing product, except for a critical component.

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Activity Modes

Collect several drawers and checking failed mechanism, reviewing existing models and comparing them to the existing system, presenting a replacement solution and implementing design, producing one array, and repeatedly opening and closing to check for failures.

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The working drawer replaced the existing mechanism. Simple assembly without altering the existing machine. Prevention of problems of drawer failure in on-site machines by simply replacing with a new drawer, on-site implementation.