Production Line Machine Processing Development

A project that integrates pneumatics, a control array, and user interface.

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The Problem

Automatic placement of hard items on plastic wings integrated with rubber areas, high work rate, without causing damage to plastic and rubber parts.

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The Need

In the automotive industry: improving work rates, introducing hard parts into plastic ones with rubber areas, execution of time costs and on-the-go inspection during assembly, marking off with a “Pass”/”Fail” stamp.

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Project Requirements

Designing a machine for the automobile industry to improve quality of insertion of a hard part into another piece made of plastic and rubber. This part comes in right and left versions and in two different lengths. Performing an on-the-go component assembly check during the process, and marking with, “OK”/”Not OK.” The customer determines the machine size and location in the production line.

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Activity Modes

Studying the assembly process, examining the insertion of hard parts into different products, defining the quality check — Pass or Fail. Presentation of concept and improvement, receiving comments, planning and sending to production, integration, and activation.

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A machine was introduced into the line and improved the process, significantly increasing the work rate. One person operates the machine, and there is a very low quantity of rejects in comparison to the previous manual process.