Operating Room Auxiliary Instrument Analysis Process Improvement

A project that integrates plastics and electronics, work and interfacing with various electronics and product design companies.

The Problem

The device is used in operating rooms, on-site handling of an instrument used in abdominal cavity operations; narrow opening without opening the abdomen, the device is obscured because of fluids clinging to it, thereby limiting the surgeon’s view of the operating area.

The Need

Preventing visual impediments during a procedure.
Optimizing processes.

Project Requirements

Including the prototype device inside a practical casing, working with product designers, reducing to minimum size, which allows for a one-handed grip.

Activity Modes

Work-process documentation: Studying the process from component reception stage at the line within the transportation containers, removal and execution of complementary work on the components and their mounting upon the machine, including the location and access methods, studying the extent of limitations in transition between steps. Displaying concepts and planning arrays.


The device is still under development.

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