MRI Machines-Production Line Inclusion

A project integrating air balancing pistons, familiarity with ESD standards, learning the production process in a short amount of time.

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The Problem

In the process of assembling MRI scanning machines, there are high-weight components of about 70 kg per part. Preliminary work is necessary before system inclusion and exact positioning within the system.

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The Need

An assembly jig array allowing for complementary work to be performed on the component, complying with the ESD Standards, allowing for transportation with its components, enabling transport via hallways and doorways without them turning over, precision/locking the component into the system’s location.

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Project Requirements

Free access to the assembly in order to complete all component assembly for the system, compliance with ESD standards, loading the component onto the facility by one person, 85 kg carrying capacity, capability of transporting the components without fear of overturning of up to 8 degrees each way.

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Activity Modes

Work-process documentation: Studying the process from component reception stage at the line within the transportation containers, removal and execution of complementary work on the components and their mounting upon the machine, including the location and access methods, studying the extent of limitations in transition between steps. Displaying concepts and planning arrays.

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Assembly jigs for implementing component assembly, reducing the number of people working on each assembly from 3 to 1. Reduce the work-time from the time of component receipt until assembly by 30%.