Composite Materials Press Mold

A project involving gaining familiarity with new production processes in the field of composite materials.

The Problem

Improving production of an existing production line.

The Need

Improving the quantity of products exiting at one pressing, which was very low. Due to demands for large quantities of the product, improvement of the production process was required.

Project Requirements

Use of presses with a specific and limited aperture, a significantly larger amount of products that will quickly return the cost of investment and on the other hand will significantly improve production time.

Activity Modes

A multi-cell template that produces 4 parts at the same time as the individual template produces 1 part, while the work template makes a new set so that it opens and is introduced without waiting, making for a 50% shorter feed time than the single-item template. Production is optimized by a factor of 4.


A project integrating existing systems interfacing with differences between them, creativity, electronic and pneumatic components.

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