Cleanroom Compliance - Machine Development of Medical Processes

A project integrating pneumatics, user control and user interface and locking users according to definitions as part of regulations.

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The Problem

A multi-component medical product, where the main part is produced from a screen roll of between 100 to 300 meters of varying widths. It is necessary to clean it before introducing into the cleanroom.

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The Need

Developing an automated process for cleaning the components, complying with cleanroom requirements, flexible adjusting for parts of different sizes and lengths, serves as part of an entire production array, requires speedy adjustment to the production line rate, and the ability to comply with process validation.

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Project Requirements

Cleaning parts of different sizes and lengths, emphasizing adjustment and transition without requiring tools. Interfacing work speed to production speed of the product assembly line. Required workspace – Cleanroom.

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Activity Modes

Studying the existing process-line cleanup. Research and development of a new process. Implementing tests. Submitting samples to the laboratory for checking the cleaning quality of cleaning and germ contamination. Proof of feasibility for critical mechanisms. Manufacturing and assembly.

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A machine that optimizes production speed and complies with production time, reducing the number of people involved in the process to only a single person. Cleaning quality at a level higher than that obtained in the old process.