Buried Irrigation Systems Roll-up & Renewal

A project integrating pneumatic control, maintaining roll-up speed in relation to the constant speed of pipe movement, limit stretch, worker protection.

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The Problem

Mushroom irrigation is performed by wetting rather than sprinkling, the benefit of wetting is that the entire substrate receives water in a uniform amount, while the sprinkler does not always cover the entire area. The main problem is mushroom vulnerability to fungus, the fungus remains wet and develops further. Therefore, the wetting method was invented. The disadvantage of this method is in the need to clean the tubing from bedding remains and disinfection, for the purpose of reburying it for the next growing cycle. This takes a long time and a great deal of manpower.

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The Need

Expediting the cleaning and disinfecting process, saving manpower and time, preparing for automatically re-burying as the growth bedding is laid down.

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Project Requirements

Developing a machine for cleaning and preparing for reburying the tubing, rolling up onto a uniform structure of organized tubing, a uniform and orderly formation of the number of rolls in parallel, restraining tension on the tubing to prevent damage and maintaining tube quality, adjusting to the buried lines from different companies, simple operation by two workers, disinfection process, cleansing and drying as part of the process, and low production costs.

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Activity Modes

Studying the burial method by visiting various growth habitats, studying the cleaning process that is currently being performed by workers on-site, characterizing an automatic process with an emphasis on critical systems for testing as part of a proof of feasibility, constructing a "flexible" array for making changes and adjusting for the site, completing process development by feedback from on-site, and completing construction of the array.

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Manufacturing an entire array, for the rolling up, disinfecting and cleaning irrigation piping for reburial for the mushroom-growing sector. The system has emerged in a number of derivatives, adapting to the grower’s size; the entire array is supplied to sector growers in several countries worldwide.