Bridge Loading & Harnessing

A project incorporating advanced building materials, non-standard sizes, thinking outside the box, adapting to a unique structure and size, integrating existing systems and concepts in different sizes.

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The Problem

In the defense industry, as part of environmental engineering activity, testing of systems that simulate real-life processes occurring in a system during the actual military activity it is associated with. Since the systems differ in their sizes and working conditions, a dynamic testing system is required that can be modified, adjusted to testing needs and simulating the environmental conditions in which the system will operate.

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The Need

Design a "flexible" array with the ability to match the required tests. Ability to disassemble and re-assemble by two to three people in a very short time.

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Project Requirements

Easy to operate and adjust for tests to be implemented, capable of bearing weights of up to 50 tons at frequencies of 5-8 Hz, working temperatures of -20 to 80° C. Operate and change the array structure with up to 3 people and in a very short time. Structure modularity: Project accompaniment and installation, including user training.

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Activity Modes

Obtaining SOW from the client defining array requirements, project start meeting, present schedule, marking points with special difficulties for which non-standard solutions need to be found, design concepts, implementing DR, PDR, CDR, carrying out strength analysis, notifying manufacturers and choosing a manufacturer acceptable to the military system, and compliance with MIL standards. Accompanying production and installation at client’s site, user training.

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Flexible testing salutations that enable testing and examination of various bodies and systems according by their implementation in various environmental conditions, adjustable to theoretical calculations performed by the engineers, an easy-to-use array to operate and modify to the client’s requirements.