Air Exhaust & Cooling System Upgrade

A project integrating existing systems, interfacing with differences between them, creativity, and automatic dampers for air routing.

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The Problem

In glass manufacturing it is necessary to implement cooling. This process uses large quantities of filtered air. The air temperatures greatly differ between winter and summer and this poses a problem. In summer the air is too hot and is insufficient for cooling, and in winter the air is too cold for cooling, causing cracks in the glass due to large temperature differences.

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The Need

Planning a "flexible" design with the ability to adjust to existing air cooling and filtering systems, capacity to choose air exhaustion, based on seasonal air temperature variations, by means of automatic routing of the air streams.

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Project Requirements

Interfacing with existing systems, modularity in manufacturing components, maintaining the current system's air capacity, easy access for simple filter cleaning by one person, accompanying production and assembly.

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Activity Modes

Studying the air flows and falls in capacity as dependent on distances and duct diameter. Studying the existing system, reverse engineering the existing array, designing a system that will be laid over the existing system, presenting the array to the customer, and sending to production.

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An air-exhaust system that routes the exhausted air from the room in winter, and from outside the room in summer, thus the system maintains the difference of air temperatures for cooling the glass whether in summer or winter.