Automatic Cutting System Upgrade

A project integrating existing systems, interfacing with differences between them, creative thinking, and automatic dampers for air routing.

The Problem

A system for cutting plates, purchased in Germany but no longer manufactured, began to "create" many faults and to damage the production line capacity.

The Need

Designing a new cutting system, based on the same cutting concept, is based on components that have a single replacement option for a component and, if necessary, to manufacture an adapter for the same component due to the manufacturer’s modifications.

Project Requirements

Improving the system and planning new components, the interfacing the existing machine and the ability to work with the old concept of cutting arrays.

Activity Modes

Studying the existing cutting system, modeling the interface component, finding off-the-shelf components with the same working principle, the manufacturer's shelf life for future component production. System planning and manufacturing.


A project integrating existing systems interfacing with differences between them, creativity, electronic and pneumatic components.

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