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The field of environment and heavy industry isundergoing technological and procedural advancement

In environmental engineering, waste recycling technologies are introducing the use of natural reactions that are created among various natural materials, these would take place anyway without human involvement, but with process improvements and bringing it to a controlled facility, it can be enhanced while reducing the side effects of odorand fluids, and germ sterilization.

Another aspect of environmental engineering in industry is the field of simulating the processes resulting fromthe harnessing, transportation, and development of products, which require failure resistance for day-to-day functioning. By developing simulated systems for this area, they can be researched under laboratory conditions while simulating the real situation, enabling acceleration of product-aging processes, expediting breaking-down processes, and so on.

In collaboration with companies in thissector, we have developed machinery for various fields of agriculture. In some cases, we have significantly improved existing machines, emphasizing low costs and reducing the manpower involved in the process.

Sludge to Compost Conversion Array
Sludge to Compost Conversion Array

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