The need for ongoing development and improvement of production lines in industry, particularly in the medical field

Requires switching to automatic or semi-automatic machines, with an emphasis on reducing the number of employees involved in the production process and/or product assembly.

Additionally, there was also a requirement that the machine conduct a self-inspection of the project quality and have the ability to sort out at the end of each sub-phase of the process, thereby reducing the number of complete systems that were disqualified because of a recurring need for disassembling and reassembling. In most cases, this is a manually implemented process which increasestotal product cost.

Switch to full or semi-automatic machinery

Allows for reliable and stable production, with very low quantity of rejects, and performing production line sample checks.

The medical field takes the production issue one step further and performs validations for the production line, machinery, and processes, and thereby increases the production stability up to zero rejects, and high repeatability as well as production stability and reliability.

Development of machines for production lines

  • Requires deep familiarity with advanced technologies, adaptabilityof off-the-shelf components for maintaining machinery production costs, except for special cases where there is no other option and the development of designated components is necessary.

  • Additionally, the product requires studying the finer details, and the existing assembly process. Sometimes this requires changes, carrying out product adjustments to automated production systems.

  • Machine development stages are conducted in collaboration with the client,thinking and considering various production rates to match market requirements, or adapting an existing machine array to enable continuous production line work without impediments between one process and another in the case of dependence between machines.

Production Line Machine Processing Development
Production Line Machine Processing Development
Cleanroom Compliance - Machine Development of Medical Processes
Cleanroom Compliance - Machine Development of Medical Processes

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